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اسماعیلی ولنٹئیر کور کی کارکردگی؟ — 10 Comments

  1. respected teacher i m totally disagree with u you want to informed the council not media

  2. It was informed well in time by the council that,social media may not be used regarding dedar by any member of the community. There is a proper forum to address such like issues. Being a senior member of the community, your valuable guidance was needed at this point.

  3. Usdad e Muhtaram ta lo bilkul sahe. Ispa tasar bo mazirat kosiyan tatan takleef beko wa jamat to sar de.

  4. It would be better if you address this letter to National Council instead of publishing it in media like this. One does not expect such comments from a senior ustad like you.thanks