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اسلام میں خود کشی کی ممانعت — 4 Comments

  1. Oh man! You were not supposed to go to that extreme, you put me in big trouble now. With doing that I was thinking to win noble prize and citizenship of Canada. By the way how did you manage to go there in Canadian Embassy, that is more surprising for me than any other actions you have taken. Even more surprising is, you strongly believe that you and Mula Israr are a scholars of the day. hun hahaha
    Let me correct you, Canada has no Embassy in Islamabad, they have some different set up, try to find it. I will rather suggest you to pass a resolution get signature of your whole family and relatives including that of Mula Israr, Abdul Akbar then pass it on to Canadians. That could be more effective.
    You are so funny.

  2. This guy tries to win the hearts of Canadian authorities by criticizing Islam and Islamic scholars and in response, expects citizenship and other facilities from them. His activities have been brought into the notice of Pakistani authorities including DPO Chitral. I have personally drafted a letter in the name of Canadian ambassador in Islamabad and Pakistani ambassador in Canada.
    Canadian authorities never accommodate a person who is hate speaker or involved in disrupting religious harmony. Do not give him any threat rather write letter to the Canadian ambassador in Islamabad.

  3. تھوبہ بریکا بتی نوغ لوو کارا تارونی . خود کشی حرام بیرای .. خبردار حال بور کوس کی خود کشیو ارادہ شیر