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اسلام اباد میں مقیم چترال اور گلگت کے نوجوانون کے لیے سپورٹس فیسٹیول کا انعقاد — 7 Comments

  1. It is strange to see that how judgemental we have become and why? Dance and music have always been an integral part of Chitral’s not very rich but ancient history. It starts from “Buk Dik” which can be defined in many ways. Historians will tell how long ago Lukxhur became part of our culture; or nandoshi, or ghar war, zhangwar etc. Music and dance emanate from within the local culture of Chitral. What is wrong in a sports festival where you can play and you can dance as well?Victory dance has been there in Polo for at least a century now. Why do you think dance is such a bad thing after all? just because in some parts of Chitral it is taken in derogatory terms? I don’t think no one can force anyone into dance and music because these things can only be done on a voluntary basis I know for sure as a personal experience. We should not be the judge of other people’s actions, neither should we become custodians of the culture of Chitral. With the passage of time, changes occur and we will have to accept those changes willingly or otherwise.

  2. Shabash lithorowanan sakht phonitami…the award for best dancer goes to Dr Sharifullah. The second best award for the best singer goes to Hassan Ali Shah. The way you are playing the role of an idol will go a long way. And the people of Chitral especially the future generation will always be indebted to you.

  3. The people having positive thinking should comment to encourage their culture and people. Otherwise the people who can not join such events should have a courage to see and to know something before use their negative and dirty minds. Thank you.

  4. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) should allocate a special place for Chitrali dancers, bathroom singers, etc. Somewhere on 7th Avenue where these NGO walas, property dealers, bankers, etc can demonstrate. The traffic should be stopped and the NGO baboos should be given full opportunity to prove their skills. I would rather suggest to organize an award distribution ceremony for these dancers in front of Centaurus Mall so that people will get to know about them. The media should be invited for proper coverage. I am sure all these NGO walas are good dancers and their pictures will definitely make it to the front pages major newspapers. How great it would be. The new Chitrali singers should not be discouraged as they are good addition to Chitrali culture. Let them sing. Let them dance. And the day is not far when these guys will be seen doing one-wheeling on 9th Avenue.

  5. Yes true, it has become a norm to gather for a tea, dance and sing and say its is done for culture. Why don’t we enjoy our life without being worried about our culture? In the past people of Chitral engaged themselves in limited activities available to them with zeal and simplicity just for the sake of enjoyment; they passed their time happily and their culture continued gathering steam. In our time, hypocrisy is taking a lead role over everything.

  6. A worst trend has started under the pretext of entertainment. Young boys especially students are being forced into dancing, singing, drum beating buy educated class from the backward Chitral. It could be a healthy activity for these educated lot but for the youth it is zehr e qatil. It is the recipe of destruction. These NGO baboos who have made money beyond their capabilities could be seen dancing at public parks to drum beats. The thing which hurts the most is that they are spoiling the name of Chitral. These kind of activities reflect our backwardness, lack of exposure, and grooming.