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VC nazim objects to NGO’s involvement in road project — 7 Comments

  1. He has to be a part of any government.doesn,t matter who say what. He belongs to a royal family and this is his job. We all chitralis are their slaves and servents.our job is to buttering and get some benefit and he knows that. His great father did and no one was competing against him. His great son is following him. I suggest to all , please don’t waste your time and praise him and get some individual benefit. We deserve that.we all will be happy and ready to carry his laguagge if he approaches to any one . Jee huzur and Zhan with lotoroo,these are our motto and actions.i pray for his HOKUMRANI and our gholami.because we deserve that.

  2. @salman Ali .. Could you please tell me more about the hydel project game in G.chashma please. Join me on facebook (khalil jughooru) or doctorvet.64@gmail.com
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    (Canada) am trying to do some research on these microhydels chitral.

  3. Musharrafo huwali haya MNA o khamakha daseer. Jo kuch is ne Musharraf ke sath kiya us k naam pe vote le ker and 2018 elections will be the test case for Shahzada Iftikharuddin’s politics. He will be out from politics and then he will approach Pervez Musharraf to help him out in making a comeback but then it will be too late.

  4. MNA Chitral Ne Vote Muhsin E Chitral K Nam Par Lia,Ab Musharaf Ko Bhol Kar Nawaz Sharif Ki Dil Khol Kar Tarifeen Kar Raha Hai,Muslim League N Ki Qeyadat Nawaz Sharif k Khilaf Gumrah kun Propaganda phela Kar Awam K Dilon Me Nafrat Paida Karne Wale Moqa Parast Siyasatdananon ko Party Me Shamil karne ki Ghalati na Kare to inke haq me behtar hoga.
    (Shujauddin Laal
    General Secetary Tehreek Huqoq Awam)

  5. MNA is doing good job but after knowing about the controversial NGO he is again getting their help in solving the ordinary coomunity problems. As the community is not satisfied from this NGO. All the projects stopped working with the NGO due to their attitude and alleged corruptions. Local as well national newspapers are witnessing all mismanagement by GADO.
    Mr. Mohammad Wali is habitual of social services and his duties as a chairman GADO is also prominent infront of all. Attending political activities is banned by Elementary and Secondary Education Department KPK, and its mess to hear about Mr. Mohammad Wali attending political gatherings instead of teaching his students. DEO male should get strict notice otherwise Garamchashma community will held protest against the said department.

  6. I would like to suggest the nazim to approach the DEO Male against the school teacher besides writing a letter to the education minister, seeking action against him. These school teachers have become politicised more than the politicians. And your complaint against brother MNA is also genuine. The problem with him is that he has done nothing since 2013 and now after waiting for about three and half years he has got some funds which he is trying to spend like politicians do.
    The people of the areas must not allow these NGO baboos to interfere in development schemes funded by the government or else the roads will constructed by NGOs will turn out to be as fraud as the hydel power projects. The NGO walas have badly stuck as in most of the areas these people have planted 15ft electricity polls which can definetely be fatal.The engineers who have approved these polls in different villages should be ready to face FIRs and other legal action as these hydel power projects are the biggest joke under the pretext of producing power.