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The unsung heroes of Lowari tunnel — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Sir, thank you giving my short write up a place in your reputed online daily. I have high respect for all of the learned writers who have commented on the topic and for all those who would be commenting later. I can understand their viewpoint and have no objection in realising the fact that there may have been name(s) who may have appeared to be against the project but at some point in time either circumstances or the public pressure made them accept the reality that it has to be done. Commenting on Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s premiership I would only share this that I had personally met with Late Jahangir Badr to protest against that action. We are people and to human is err, there are pluses and minuses and we have to live with it but we must not take the credit away from those who do deserve it just because some of their successors did something wrong.

    When it comes to General Musharraf, I have always appreciated him as a General but not as a politician because he wasn’t supposed to be one. We have already given him our love in the shape of a National Assembly seat-the only one in Pakistan; what better recognition he can get?

    The whole idea behind this write up was to highlight the point that each and everyone of us have contributed in the cause and that we all should be happy about it.

  2. Thank you Saif for the great piece of writing. You have been very humble and positive, which is good in the times when all the politicians, anchors and general public have been very negative. While we agree that all these individuals have done great job to complete this great project we should not forgive PPP for prolonging our suffering by diverting the funds to other projects. They pushed back our progress and happiness by at least 7 – 10 years. This we cannot forget and forgive. While those having big hearts like you can overlook this blunder, I cannot forgive this at all. I am sure there are many you will support this point. This should also be part of the history, otherwise it will be distortion of history. While I have not voted to any other party except PPP till today, moving forward I will NEVER EVER vote for PPP. I dont care even if my vote is wasted.

  3. I do agree with sharif sahib…a very traditional politician who is known to oppose the lawari tunnel for his vested intrest has also been given the credit which is ridiculous…first credit goes to Z.A bhuttu and the real credit goes to former president pervaz mushraf…Former MNA Abdul akber chitrali has encouraging role in it….I could not stop laughing when saif saib included a long term politician name in the list…thanx saif bhai but be realistic one plz…

  4. If every leader mentioned by Mr Saif had worked for the Lowari tunnel it would have been made long ago. The fact is that many amongst those mentioned did not do any bit, some even opposed the tunnel construction. If we put all in the same boat it would amount to distorting history and be an injustice to those who genuinely struggled for the tunnel.