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Steps urged to check forced marriages — 1 Comment

  1. We are honored in our society because of the respect we are having. The research by AKRSP which revealed the trafficking of poor girls from Chitral to lower parts of Pakistan is really shocking and should be overcome as soon as possible. If such situations are not handled in a proper manner, there will be a great problem for our future and other people will find Chitral as a safe heaven for such dreadful crimes. I will urge the authorities to not only conduct meetings but also take proactive steps against the people involved in such crimes. Exemplary punishment should also be given to such families as well. I being the President of CSWA, Karachi, condemn the trafficking of poor girls and request the authorities to take some actions. Just conducting meeting and making commissions is not enough, action is important.

    Action should speaks louder than words.

    President CSWA, Karachi
    Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim