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Six new police stations created in Chitral — 5 Comments

  1. More police stations with honest police personnels means better public service. We must think of and expect corruption free public servants in the coming years as general public awareness is increasing. Moreover, the police force and other officials of public service departments are getting better packages of salary and as such greed of money through unfair means of income has lessened.
    An other big benefit of creation of new subdivisions and police stations is more job opprtunities for Chitrali youth. We thank the IG, KP Police and DPO Chitral for this development.

  2. Not good step taken by DPO Ali Akbar Shah. I thought he would realize that Chitral is not a place like Dir which needed more police stations.

  3. Please also arrange opening of some jails in different parts of Chitral. establishment of more police stations means crime is increasing but in reality it is not. it is a fact that with the opening of police stations crime would go up. it is not a healthy sign for any peaceful society such as Chitral.
    the govt is on the wrong course or is being misguided by some chitralis for their vested interest. Chitral is not similar to other districts of KP and the problem is govt sitting in peshawar does not understand the psych of Chiralis.
    It would have been a welcome step had the govt planned more schools, colleges and healthcare centres instead of opening more police stations.

  4. Deeply indebted to KP police and management for approving police station in Arkari valley. We really were in need of one.

  5. Congratulations to DPO Chitral Syed Ali Akbar Shah for the creation of new police circles and police stations for which he made relentless efforts.