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Scattered thoughts: Booni Darbar and future course of action — 27 Comments

  1. Jalaluddin Shamil Sahib..great job,simply great..i can only say that every sentence,every word is representative,acceptable,intellectual and lovely..Really enjoyed the beautiful write-up.keep it Up dear.

  2. Well done Shamil sb !You did it with care and accuracy.Your approach is like a professional journalist and seasoned analyst.Go ahead and keep it up.

  3. Dear M.J. Shamil, your article is very well articulated, engaging, and well-balanced. May God bless you!

    My humble suggestion is if you could kindly translate and publish it in Urdu, so that maximum number of readers can benefit from it.

  4. Dear Shamil, A Noble deed, words best selected, nicely measured and calculated, on time.Very well done. Keep it up. With best wishes

  5. Dear Shamil, you simply accomplished a wonderful, noble and respectable deed with this write up. Please keep it up, waiting for the Urdu version. Thanks a lot.

  6. Dear Readers, thank you all for your time for the article and encouraging feedback. As suggested by Dr. Tajik and Shah karez Sb, i will render it into Urdu by this weekend for publication. InshaAllah.

  7. There may be some troublemakers present in the fold of both the communities. With these words are you pointing towards SALEEM KHAN or the opponents including the shopkeepers of Chitral bazar ??.We the fence sitter always seek guidance. I am not sure you will answer my question, we as Muslim should develop the courage to call spade a spade. very often such unelaborated answers create more questions in minds. There were no any troublemakers I believe, rather there were many people who wanted to know the meanings of certain words. You can not under the carpet or ignore my question because at one time HH Prince Aga Khan in an interview to Canadain Channel said that, we should not under carpet anything coz it has the consequences, as, one day the carpet will be gone and everything hidden under it will be exposed to everyone.
    One more thing I would like to add, to me diplomacy is always the second name of conspiracy, I hope you will consider it if you were able to answer my question. The worst impact of silence on this question would be the (question mark) that is raised in the minds of almost every Sunni is either Saleem Khan was right or wrong in Ismaili point of view? that question will stand still and could create more suspicions and possibly more hesitance to call brothers and sisters to each other. I as Sunni, know what I am saying is representing thousands of minds.

  8. Dear Dr. Khalil,I am pointing towards anyone who is knowingly or unknowingly disturbing the relations. Be he a Saleem Khan, A Moulana, A Shopkeeper,An Al-Waiz, a commentator like you or for that matter myself. If my article is deteriorating peaceful relation between the communities than i am a trouble maker, if your comments are meant to focus on points which may trigger controversy in any way, than you are a trouble maker. Such situations may be INHIBITED or simply be IGNORED.
    Hope i am not silent on your question.

  9. Dear M.J Shamil sb thanks for your time. I really enjoyed. Its the very well balanced and reality based article. Stay blessed.

  10. As a reader I felt that some time the Writers and readers are little bit negative if some one have written some thing good and get admiration from people.

  11. Mr Baig
    The admiration should not be vertical, rather a wider range indicates the appreciation of opinion (s) and that is always horizontal.

  12. Dr. Khalil sb please take it easy and do not be personal. No need to make prolong and complicated of a very simple mater.We the readers are looking some thing good from your side because you our highly educated,talented and intellectual personality.thank u

  13. Jalal you have articulated with more accuracy, athenticity highligting the historical traditions moving towards future needs. Nice article.

  14. Mr. Baig
    that’s how all of you run away from battlefield .. saying all ok .. Lets know who are the troublemakers as mentioned by Shamil .. Dashman is understandable, but who were the ismailies .. ??? Are you saying Saleem Khan did kufoor with adding علیھ سلام to Aga khan ?? that is what you both are saying ?? if not who was the other ismaili who made trouble ???

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