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Release of student’s alleged killer resented — 6 Comments

  1. this is (chitraltoday.net) a great platform for all chitrali students.

    • Ali Akbar, Its my great pleasure to see you in this plateform as well. It is your kindness and generosity that you are present in every field of life with me. Thanks a lot.

      President CSWA, Karachi.

  2. We are very lucky that we are aware of our rights. it is time for the Chitrali students to show unity and work proactively for the rights of the students all over Pakistan so that no one can exploit the peaceful nation of Chitral. I am also very happy to receive so many calls from my colleagues and students of Karachi who always claim that they are with me and will be available at anytime. We want justice and we will launch Pakistan-wide demonstrations to ensure transparent justice in the case of Zahid. He was not a single student but the son of Chitral. He was the future of Chitral. So to preserve the future of Chitrali, students all over Pakistan should rise for their their rights and for safety of their future.
    If this situation could happen to Zahid Hussain, anytime any of us can encounter such a situation so we should be united to show the authorities and other people that we are much powerful and have mutual consensus for our due rights.

    President of CSWA, Karachi,
    Fardad Ali Shah Noor Alim

  3. Students from Chitral should unite at one platform and take up the issue at all forums, so that they can live in peace and continue their education. they should also try to find the killers of the two students and hand them to the police.

  4. I think our people are taking the case easily and are unable to prove or give enough evidence.