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Red Crescent to assess damages to properties in Sonoghur — 3 Comments

  1. In June 2007, due to the heavy flood Sonoghur was destroyed. Without any help the people have been working hard to rebuild their damaged houses and rehabilitate their agricultural fields and plantations. We hope that Chairman Pakistan Red Crescent Society Pakistan help and the people will come in their normal condition and live in a good and proper way. Thanks Mr Afzal sahib for your affords for the people of Sonoghur. You are right that since long time of period the affected residents have not yet been compensated.

  2. Sher Afzal sb it is highly appreciated your and STAFF’s efforts and activity

  3. Wow, so quick;) after ten years. For his information all the assessment reports can be readily available with District Govt, AKRSP, FOCUS and of course BLSO.