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PTI leader for meritocracy as an alternative to electoral democracy — 5 Comments

  1. Democracy is the best form of government at present. However we should have to adjust it according to our needs, as it was adjusted with the prevailing conditions in Britain. The idea of Writer is good but it is a difficult to implement. How can we grantee that a right person will be elected by the authority. Currently we all see the capacity and capability of the recruiting organizations in form of Public Services Commissions. The selecting organization of public leaders will not be different from the PSCs. It will be better for us to focus on education. Not just education but quality education, so that every individual should be able to evaluate the party or candidate rationally and cast his or her vote, as education is prerequisite for democracy.

  2. If a new experiment had not been done 2500 years ago we would not have had democracy and would be continuing with the primitive system of despotism.
    Einstein once said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.

  3. We can’t afford more experiences, wing commander sab. Let the democratic government to complete its term. And let the people to elect the next government.