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Pir Nasir Khusraw and the tradition of Pathak — 6 Comments

  1. Well done Mr. Amin. A beautiful write up no doubt. Mr. Ali Akbar Qazi’s write up was also seen. Both the articles are based on fact and Sharing such well written article “Phatak” that both Ismailis and others celebrate as a joint tradition unitedly in Garumchashma leads to strong harmony and brotherhood accepted and known as one of the strongest basic principle of Islam.
    Our youth must understand all about Islamic festivals including Pathak that bring harmony and love amongst Ummah. Phatak Mubarak to all of you in the area.

  2. What a brilliant article. Probably the very first article on this site that is so informative, relevant and brilliant. Keep it up brother.

  3. Nice and informative article but the final sentence made me uncomfortable and rather annoyed. I don’t see how asking people for money will preserve pathak. The integrity and originality of the festival solely depends on the people who celebrate it. It has been celebrated for a millennium without any funding or preservation efforts and will continue to do so if the people want it to. If the people themselves don’t preserve their traditions then there is no point in crying about it dying out.

    The practice of projecting ourselves as helpless and unable to take care of ourselves has become very common among Chitralis. We are always asking for donations from NGOs and any minister who visits Chitral. We may not realize it but this is slowly taking away ours and our future generatio’s self-respect.