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Many villages washed away in Yarkhun valley, Brep inundated — 1 Comment

  1. Monsoon flood hit beautiful Brep on 27th of July 2015. Dozens of houses, shops, farmland with standing crops and orchard have been buried under mud and heavy bolder with all belongings and livestock. This village was destroyed once before in 2007 making about 35 families homeless now living in Khotanlasht a barren land on Broghel Road. The people of Brep living on the safe sides of Chikan and Darkhot Nallah Brep have been requesting District Government, SRSP and AKRSP through their village & women organizations to keep the course clear and allow the flood pass without interruption. MNA Chitral was also aware of the danger of flood to Brep. Non of them were able and ready to help V/WOs to keep the important points of courses clean and thereby protect the beautiful village Brep. Now the poor and the unfortunate people had to face this irepair loss.