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New DC suspends three DHQ hospital officials — 9 Comments

  1. An Ambulance is for patients, It is shameful to use it for deadwood purpose! Significant and pragmatic approach by DC is obsolutely commendable!

  2. Great Job by the DC, we hope he will follow Usama Warraich and people of Chitral will remember you forever as they are missing the Warraich.

  3. The step is good, but before taking such step DC and Municipal Committee and TMO should identify some garbage disposal space in town Chitral. There is no such facility available in town area therefore everyone put their wastes into Chitral river because there is no facility on the part of TMO to dispose off wastes.

  4. کیا ڈپٹی کمشیر ہمیں بتا سکتے ہیں کہ چترال میں وو مناسب جگہہ کہاں ہے جہاں کوڑے کو ڈمپ کیا جاسکے ؟؟ جلاو ایئر پلوشن ، پانی میں ڈالو واٹر پولوشن ، زمین میں دفناو تو ساییل پولوشن ، مسلہ اٹھانا آسان ہے ، اس کیلئے حل بھی تجویز کرلی

    • ڈاکٹر صاحب بیشک گند سمندر میں ڈال دیں لیکن اہمبولینس میں گند بھرنا مناسب ہے کیا؟ آپ ایک تعلیم یافتہ ہونے کے باوجود ایسا کمنٹ کیسے کر سکتے ہیں؟

  5. Great! What a dabhang entry to Chitral. I hope people like Maghfirat Shah will not start ganging up against the new DC as in the case of Late Usama Waraich. This must be appreciated and protect him from taking such bold steps. I am anticipating a media propaganda against the new DC. May Allah give him strength to continue taking such steps in the best interest of the public. I hope that these corrupt officials will be not restored without proper inquiry.

  6. On his arrival he has sent a very clear message to everyone. Hope will keep the tempo.

  7. Good step it means he is not a dead body but an active officer and energatic one

  8. Healthy beginning. A good DC is one who is tough with the officialdom and his staff, and soft on the public. He doesn’t blindly believe his staff without ascertaining facts himself. Staff have led many a DC on the wrong path which they regretted later but then it was too late.