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Millions allocated for ‘rehabilitation’ of seminaries owned by JI, JUI supporters — 8 Comments

  1. The district government ka faisala sabit kya k siasat dan chahain kahin sa be ho, or jis party sa b ho, saray eik ki keth ka moli hotay hain. unka kam apnon ko faida ponchanan or awam to bewquf banana hota hai…

  2. ye masjid or madrassay bhe awami jaghain han.madaris or masajid ki jo leadership hai wo yaqenan JI or JUI ko hasil hai, dusray parties k jo leaders hain unko ye taufeeq hasil nahi.ye fakhar sirf JI or JUI ko hasil hai.
    jahan tk kaam krne ki baat hai to uske lei for your kind information en sb kaamon k lei administrative approval ho chuki hai.baqi jin 17 projects ka zikar hua hai unko zid or enaad ki vajah se drop kiye gye han.en mai se
    kuch schemes work done k hisab se kiye gye han jb k baqi kaam siray se hue he
    nhi han jinko abi hona baqi tha k jnko zid o enaad ki vajah se rok dia gya.
    jis tarah apko ghalat report dia gya hai es tarah sabiq DCO marhoom sb ko bhe
    mis guide kia gya tha. chitral mai muft k musheeron ki koi kami nahi. baqi hamaray malumaat k mutabiq zilla k tamam members ko masavi funds provide kiyei gye han.ye masjiden koi gumnaam nhi han, list mai unke naam mavjood han jin ko koi bhe dekh sakta hai. Zilla Nazim or alaqay k muntakhab members wahan mazhabi muqamaat k lei funds mukhtas kr skte han.
    rahi baat es be bunyad report ki to janaab ne aik be bunyad baat ko internet pe es tarah billa tehqeeq paish krne ki jasarat kis tarah ki.

  3. Indeed this a big issue for the new deputy commissioner. let us see how he sorts out this whole scandal due to which the district nazim was up in arms with the former DC. The reason the former Dc enjoyed the support of the people was because he had tightened the noose around the district nazim due to which Maghfirat Shah moved from pillar to post to transfer him. If the new DC failed to ensure transparency in judicious distribution of funds, we will be forced to believe that he had the same intentions like that of district nazim.

  4. جو جیتے جاگتے ذندہ اانسانوں کے لیے کچھ نہیں کر سکتے ہیں وہ ابھی مرحومیں کی قبریں اور قبرستاں اباد کرنے کی عزم کر رکھے ہیں یہ جانتے ہوئے کہ قبر خوبصورت بنانے سے اندر سوئے ہوے مرحوم کے گناہ معاف نہیں ہوتیں۔ اگر ہمارے ان لیڈراں میں ذرا بھر بھی عقل ہوتا تو وہ قبرستاں کی تزئں کے بجائے سیلاب ذدگان کے گھر بنوا لیتے۔

  5. if seminaries or mosques rehabilitation is lawful, there should be some criteria for spending public money. in that context, my jamat khana which was affected by floods last year should also deserve small share.

    thank you,
    amir ali.

  6. Seminaries should be bound to teach basic values of humanity to their students, e.g Not telling lies, not cheating, not being hypocrites, not being intolerant and extremists, not committing deliberate sins with the hope that God will forgive them when they pray or perform Haj, not hating human beings on the basis of their beliefs, etc If seminaries do the aforementioned, the money is OK, but if they only teach them prayers and no character building then this is waste of money.

  7. Very strange and no one need to say anything…. we can only pray for the so called senior leaders to start considering themselves as the leader of Chitral not of any particular sect or religion. The money they are spending belongs to the people of Chitral.. Repair/rehabilitation of religious places is indeed very important but not from the public money and if there is any provision in the constitution then it should be for the followers of all the religions living in the country as citizens.