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Members of Chitral’s largest Razakhel clan form welfare body — 5 Comments

  1. The greatest Muslim Sociologist of the 14th Century, a theologian, philosopher and historian, Ibn Khaldun is known because of his concept of “Assabiyyah”- An Arabic word meaning Prejudice or blind following. However, Khaldun gave the word a new meaning and translated it as “Group solidarity”, “Social Cohesion”, “Blood-ties” or “Tribalism”. This cohesion, according to Khaldun arises in tribes and other small groups and brings that tribe or group to power and at the same time carries within itself the seeds (psychological, social, economic and political) of the groups downfall………..
    We wish this new consciousness in the Chitrali tribe may be a message of peace, love and tribal harmony within chitral and may not be a new wave of fragmentation within our society in form of Syed, Yuft, Zondray, Katoor and other Unions.
    This is a time to nurture in our society inclusive approach rather than exclusive worldview. We must shatter the differences based on Religion, Tribe, caste or region.

  2. Firstly, would this help bring the society together or are we looking at another ethnic divide? As far as I know, Raza Khel’s are the only local landlords we see all across Chitral. Why is the need felt at this time to form an ethnic alliance?

    Secondly, Could you please share with Mr. Gul Hamad Farooqi a suggestion and advice. One must gather complete information about the history of a tribe or clan when you intend to write about/on them. Why I say so is because of this author’s lack of knowledge of Chitral’s history. Muhammad Raza was the brother of Mohammad Baig who killed him along with his sons. Muhtaram Shah Katoor and Khush Waqt were Mohd Baig’s sons to put the records correct. This also implies that whether Katoorais, Khush Ahmades, Khush Wakhtes, Mohd Beges (Tariqullah’s, Bodales or Naitmatulas-they all come from the same lineage; thus fall under the once active “Ayubia Union”. Similarly, we have/had the yuft union, syed union, and the Zondre union. Nobody knows whose purpose they serve because they don’t have any legal existence which would make them a real force. Maybe it serves the political elites as in such like unions what matters is the word of the leaders-few, not the majority.

    Thank you.

    Saifuddin Saif.
    Morder Chitral.

  3. Unnecessary step… this is what leads to more gaps in society.
    Anyways we hope it should work for them in a good way.
    Thirdly i don’t know why it is on this website, an advertisement or some orher reasons.
    What about all clans make their own associations and we should have clan identity cards instead of National ID.