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KP’s education reforms a hoax — 5 Comments

  1. Mere piyare dost ,jo nizaam hamare paas abhi haii , wo 70 saalon se jin logon ko hum ne muntakhib kia haii , un ki meherbani haii jinhon ne waqt k sath taleem k liye kuch bhi nahi aj bhi nawaz sharif ko vote dete haii kyonke pakistani awaam ko taleem ka sihat ka nizaam nahi chahieee balke metro chahie moterway chahiee. App ko kya lagta haii pti ko hokumat me aak sare puraane teacheron ko farigh karna chahiee tha. Jo nizaam kai dhaion se sara para wo din raat theek ho jaye gaa,pti ne aake koshish ki sahih karne ke liye agr ab bhi teacher apne peshe k saath insaaf nahi karte is me pti ka kya qussor hai haii. pti wahid parti hai jo taleem ko sihat ko bunayadi masla samajhti hai, ap bhi ise itiifaaq karte haii jo nae teacher higher kie nts k zarie, monitoring syestem laya haih ab bhi agr hum nahi sudherte is me imran khan aur pti ka koi qussor nahi him awaam khud hi apne mulk se wafadar nahi haii.tamam logon ko ko zaati mafaaat chor k qaufi mafad tak ane me abhi time lage gaa. Jo kuch is mulk k sath kia gya haii, is ko sahi karne k liye pti jaisi party ko 2,3 dafa hukomat me ana pare ga tb hi kuch hoga , ap logon ko aisa dikhane ki koshish karte haii kal kal subh uthe aur sara nizaam badal jaye aisa mumkin nahi agr him tabdeeli chahte haii to humen khud ko badalna hoga phir hi kuch hoga , warna tnqeed karna bht asaan haii

  2. @Zafar why don’t you blame district monitoring officer. We have been told he is giving leave to the teachers those who have close relation with them. Also blame headmaster they allow teachers. And also blame teachers they cheat and dishonesty with their job.

  3. in this write up your extremely blind, you have analysed the system in very biased way. may be you have any political affiliation, I think so

  4. well, there are two terms,Change and shift,both share the same connotation but the only difference is that “Change” is a slow and gradual process which occurs with the flow of time, while “Shift” is something sudden or something unexpected that occurs over nights. In every system, either political or or something else, a change can be occured but shift never. if, somehow, a shift is happened, it will ruin the whole system. i think your expecting for the shift which is, unfortunately, impossible. As for as PTI is concerned, let him play the whole game first,bro. At least his playing good than the traditional ones.

  5. it’s a moment of extreme frustration when an intellect and Scholar like @Zafar defame and tarnish some positive approach towards goals. Whole Nation and World applaud PTI’s government and you are using a bad-smelling word like rhetoric! Atleast educated and intellectuals should support with your creative ideas and try to educate the people rather ill-use of your skills in negative propagandas. Revolution in education is PTI’s mandate and it would always sound goods even if it is a fake claim… Ground realities and functions of these departments show the improvement in their regard. I hope you would use your skills in positive manner.

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