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Is Musharraf really a brave man? — 2 Comments

  1. “The line between bravery and stupidity is so thin that you don’t know you’ve crossed it until you’re dead.”
    I believe a living Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto could have taken Pakistan far ahead of where we are today. Bhutto never believed they could hang him and that is where he erred. Musharraf played an inning where Pakistan economy flourished and Chitralis saw his courage to restart a hopeless abandoned project.
    Construction vehicles transited the completed Lowari tunnel in January 2009. The tunnel was opened for traffic in the winter of 2009 when the Lowari Pass got closed and where are we in 2014?
    On a lighter note, there is a Chitrali proverb “Na dee Kagh ma shanguran jubar na dee shaheed bam,“ Musharraf Sir, keep a step ahead.

  2. Good Article Mr Guljee, I agree with most of things you have mentioned against the General and agree that it was a poor oversight on the part of Chitralis to vote in his name. While I beg to disagree with the part where you are mentioning that the current MNA won because of the services of his father. The credit goes to the current MNA and his team who successfully used the Musharraf tunnel slogan for his benefits. Poor Chitralis were befooled again for next five years and we have become political orphans with no interest of the government. Had the MNA won because of the services of his father, he would have joined the ruling government immediately but he is under pressure to do so.
    Secondly, the People’s Party has also lost it image and the last five years of its rule were a total disaster and the only thing left in it is the Bhutto slogan.