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Chitral deserves more seats in parliament — 7 Comments

  1. We should reform ourselves rather than criticizing and blaming others for our problems. If one person is responsible for all these problems, why the people of Chitral have not made him accountable during the last so many decades when he was at the helms. Today, there is neither monarchy nor autocratic form of government in the area. Whatever the single person had been doing for decades was in a democratic way as he had been elected by the people. It was his democratic right, and instead of levelling allegations and entering into a blame game, the people of Chitral should make him accountable if he has done anything wrong.

  2. @Junaid Saleh Hayat: When I raise voice against those responsible for the irreparable damage done to Chitral, you come up in their defence. I would like to ask you how many times you raised concern about Prince Mohiuddin who ruled over Chitral but during his over 25 years stint, he never discussed the issue which you raised today even by mistake.

    • @Anjum: Yes, please, we will support you with our comments, go ahead and highlight all those issues that you are referring to.

  3. Chitral needs a lot more but the thing which needs to be identified is who is responsible for all this. We’ve been hearing this for the last so many years from people who ruled over Chitral like no one else. We do not need advices what we need is action. I would like to ask the writer to put these questions to the people that what were reasons which forced our former MNA to remain silent on these issues? What were the reasons? We need an immediate answer from Junaid Saleh Hayat. Please ask Prince Mohiuddin for the irresparable damage he had done to Chitral!

    • @Faraz Anjum, you need to ask this question from yourself. You, being a Chitrali, why didn’t you raise voice for your rights??

  4. Those who handed our beloved Chitral in a platter to the Pakistani rulers without asking for any returns should be held responsible for all our woes. Our culture, traditions and languages are at the danger of annihilation by outsiders and the successive governments since 1947 have failed to take care of our rights. The peaceful people of Chitral are pushed to the wall and denied all their rights. We cannot stand up like the people of Balochistan or even those in Gilgit-Baltistan who have been fighting for their rights for decades.It is very shameful that even our petty but justified demand for creation rather restoration of the upper Chitral district is pooh-poohed what to talk of other rights like making Chitral a division or a Khowar province.

  5. According to my least knowledge, it would be better if Chitral be made a division with two districts and accordingly possess representatives in national government bodies.