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I am not against any Ismaili institution, says nazim — 1 Comment

  1. I object, Maghfirat Shah. I don’t agree with you here because the proof of your opposition to Ismaili institutions is no secret to people. For instance, let me remind you about the controversy of Professional Development Centre (PDC), Chitral. If you are not against any Imamat institution why you are opposing PDC building at Jhugur. You are well aware what PDC has been doing in Chitral. It is the only institution which imparts training to your untrained, half-literate teachers to ensure quality education. But you have virtually occupied the piece of land purchased by Aga Khan University for the centte. If you wanna be remembered a true, sincere and genuine leader, you must end this controversy and immediately order construction of the building so that people of the town area will have a wonderful state-of-the-art library at their doorstep instead of wasting their time in witnessing polo matches between Chitral Scouts and Chitral Police at pologround Chitral. This is a test case for you and I am sure you will resolve the issue on war footing if you think you never opposed any Ismaili institution. Otherwise, the youngsters will never forgive you as you are depriving them of a wonderful library for your own vested interest.