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  1. you did not mention about mewati language which is spoken in border area of distt Kasur Lahore and Sialkot about 40 million people language

  2. Very informative,khowar language will also be endanger upcoming time if the Govt could not get a proper step for the preservation of minor language,there are many factor such as migration,education,prestige,bilingual and so on which contribute minor language decline.So it,s the prime responsibility of researcher as well linguist student to take proper initiative for the preservation of indigenious language..Thank you

  3. Yes, nice piece of write-up. But these writers didn’t mention Balti langauge, spoken in Baltistan (1,800,000 population). This langauage has three manuscripts (Balti, Tibaten and Persain) and also available on internet.

  4. A nice write up very informative for the researcher and the organization who want to promote culture diversity. Yidgha is a really endanger language working with FLI project, when I was conducted Orthography workshop for yidgha language community, three or four participants were students on metric level. They were talking in Kho-war language with each other I asked why they don’t use yidgha for discussion the replied Kho–war is easy for us. It means the language not passed to second generation. It is really alarming situation for a language survival. FLI doing great job for promotion minor languages in the area. Now it’s government turn should take initiative in this manner.

  5. an excellent essay written to senctise the authorities supposed to work for languages. It is deplorable to see that development of languages has never been the priority of any government because voters never bothered to elect a representative who know the importance of languages. But we have not to be pessimist because their are some people in the society who honestly and honaraaily work for languages…

  6. Well written document but who cares about people, languages and identites in pakistan.Our Govt is Daish and the Census Division is a suiside bomber.They will never accept minrity languages as Pakistani language.