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How did I become a teacher? — 4 Comments

  1. Very interesting article. It reminds me of my father who used to become very very happy and tell other people whenever I passed my school exams in good position. The happiness in his face and the importance he gave to my performance in the exam always created the value of education in my mind. Besides, he sued to provide me all the facilities whenever I sat for doing my homework or preparing for exams. Indeed home environment plays a crucial role in educational development of a child.
    Please keep up posting such articles.

    • i agree with you. he is a very brilliant teacher, no doubt.

      Mohammad Khan
      F.B. Area, Karachi

  2. A very motivational letter for teachers. I acknowledge your hard work for acquiring such a prestigious position in society. It not stops here but you have a long way to go. Teaching is very noble position as myself have the experience of teaching in a community-based school for four years. It is a good technique to know the intuitions of students. Some teachers consider giving lecture as an affluent way and do bombardment of knowledge on students making them confused. It’s your nice way of teaching that you prefer your students ask questions and your lecture is child centered.
    I pray for your future great success.

    President CSWA, Karachi.

  3. Wow… What a nice and inspirational letter… Bravo sir… I really liked it.. It was awesome.. You are one of the best teachers I ever had in my life. The best thing about you which I find is that you always satisfy students and have full control in your subject… I still miss chemistry class in AKHSS, Chitral. I am sure that you have a long way to go.. Good luck. I hope all other teachers see your message and get the idea of ” teaching with time”. Thanks.