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Ex-MPA joins PPP along with JI leader — 3 Comments

  1. This proves that politicians do politics for power and personal gains, not for principals or manifestos. Political parties are only different brand names of the same fraud. Down with dirty democracy.

  2. We are surprised how PPP accepts a man he never did anything for the people Chitral except his personal life and benefits. Mr Mohammad is an accidental politician and a clever businessman. He always looks the money factor first and then jumped in every party according to the time. He was a right hand man of the dictator Musharraf and after that he jumped to JUI and now he is backed to PPP for ticket for 2018 election.
    Mr Humayun Khan remember you did a blunder mistake to produce this guy to Asif Zardari. Your father Late Hanif khan was a true JEALA and he never compromised on principles for democracy. I got an honour to met many times with your father when he was a federal Housing Minister. He sacrificed his life fighting against people Like Ghulam Mohammad.
    On this occasion we appeal to the two BAHADARS daughters of Shaheed BB please interfere in this wrong decision.