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Despite high literacy rate we are still uneducated — 7 Comments

  1. ? I would add…
    Education is what we learn from the very begining of our life..litracy gives maturation to thought and helps to be educated.. most of education is gotten from society that is unfortunately full of these negative things.Even we are de-educated in educational institutes.To be educated is continuous fight against every negative thing which he encounters.

  2. I appreciate ur effort as all the points you have mentioned but one thing i would like to add that we r in the start we have to go long way.Be optimistic we have son of chitral like u.Educate people through ur articles like this.

  3. Exceptionally well written dear,all the points you have raised are now serious threats to our society even the education that we are getting,because we give much importance to degree rather than knowledge that’s why our mentall level remain the same yet high degree holders. The most serious and alarming appreciation almost from all the field of people especially from politicians is that chitralis are peace loving people and this buttering eating us like a damak that we can not raise voice for our rights keeping this rediculous dialogue in our mind.Actually we are not that much peacefull nor want to be ,that our voice be surpressed.