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Congrats to Chitral Today — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Sir,
    For the last three or four months I was not able to connect to the updated news. The new style of this online newspaper is really a result of magnificent and tremendous effort of your team. This site is now very much interactive, live and beautiful. Good luck with this international standard online. My special message to Zar Alam Khan.


  2. Congratulations for the new Chitral Today. good efforts keep it up.

    Nadir Khan
    Garden East

  3. Dear Sir,
    For the last many weeks, I was out of the net access. Now I am really pleased to see the new and grand version of Chitral Today and forwarding my congratulation on this.
    This e-paper of Chitral would continue to serve the valley as its true mouthpiece, InshaAllah.

    Alhaj Muhammad Khan

  4. Congratulations for the new and beautiful version of the website.The one and only Chitral focused web page from the federal capital.

    Dr.Asad Ali

  5. Sir,
    I have been a very keen reader of your online newspaper Chitral Today and for several months it was not working, so I was waiting very enthusiastically for the launch of this website to start work again. At last, however, my dream came true and this website has started functioning again with a new version. It is very good news for all of us.

    Fardad Ali Shah
    Student of Sociology
    University of Karachi.