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Conference cautions citizens against conspiracies — 1 Comment

  1. Istihkam-e-Pakistan Conference 2017 by Hidayatul Hadi Pakistan did excellent job highlighting current situation in the country and particularly in peaceful & beautiful Chitral. People of Chitral wholeheartedly welcome such conferences in Pakistan that give awareness & alert well in time to the people of Chitral in general and to our Ulemas in particular about what is happening with Ummah globally and that is happening in Pakistan and now in Chitral. For peaceful resolution of the incidence in Shahi Masjid Chitral the role of Ulema & specially the role of Moulana Khaliquz-Zaman Khatib is loudly appreciated by all sects in and outside Chitral and we recommend to our President of Pakistan for grant of National Award to our Shahi Masjid Khatib. Ulemas, law enforcement agencies saved the peace of Chitral,the fame and honor that we have achieved being peaceful and honest in the eyes of people outside Chitral and more accepting rule of law. We accept and loudly appreciate and salute to our Scouts, Army, Police and district administration. Speakers of the conference no doubt delivered excellently and the audience enjoyed their speeches that were full of knowledge and food for thought. People of Chitral see and know now that some elements are trying to defame the peaceful name of Chitral and the people of Chitral. However we once again salute to our force, law enforcement agencies, district administration and District Government for timely action and control the turning of incidence in to ugly situation. The message of conference that we should note “not to take law in to our hands rather led the rule of law take their action as prescribed in our constitution. Secondly we should first study & find out facts and figures of all the happenings & incidences and then led the state take its action according to law of land prescribed in our constitution”.