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Chitral’s bifurcation ahead of polls not possible — 1 Comment

  1. The announcement made by CM Pervaiz Khatak regarding creation of new district in Chitral “Upper Chitral” on 8 November was just his and PTI political move to make fool the people of Chitral. He and his party did not show seriousness after the announcement to give it a practical shape.He intentionally did not issue any notification regarding his announcement and waited for the date, after that it was not be possible for the provincial government to create any district due to election commission’s order. There was ample of time (45 days) available with PTI to realize the announcement but it did not. Now the provincial government and PTI leadership will try to hide themselves behind the election commission’s order and will try to blame ECP. It is very much clear from this act that politicians remained politicians, whether they belong to PTI, ANP, PLM or any other political party. They are not serious to solve the problems of common people, and they are not bound to fulfill their promise made to the public.