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Chitral votes against tsunami — 2 Comments

  1. Dear sir,
    through your E-paper I would like to convey my heartiest congrtz to all elected MNA ,MPAs. I hope so, insh Allah they will do their best job for the community of Chitral more than their first term, and I would like to thank the people of Chitral that thy did marvelous job to cast their votes, and made APML victorious in Chitral,

  2. It is unfortunate to mention that a well-educated person like Mr. Islamuddin is supporting and writing with a purpose to highlight about the family background of Iftikharuddin and his father’s performance for the last many years as a representative of Chitral. And maintaining status-quo in Chitral rather than supporting to bring a change is a symptom of pathetic prevailing condition and perpetuating existing social and political order in Chitral. Still we need time for political maturity and mobilization and bringing a change in the country by breaking the clutches of Biradari politics. PTI is an emerging party and with the passage of time will be able to make its base in Chitral and it was the first election for PTI which will give a clear understanding and future vision for the coming elections.