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Chitral university to set up Khowar, Chinese language centres — 2 Comments

  1. Please first get NOC from HEC so that the degree programs that you are supposed to offer becomes genuine. Without NOC from HEC and Recognition you can’t start degree awarding programs.

  2. It is to late to introduce the Chinese language in new establishing university of chitral,yet obviously it is good step to learn Chinese language.I appreciate the idea of Professor Bukhari intention about the Chinese language primitive program in chitral university.To being a former Chinese university graduate I am willing to provide my skills to facilitate the basic requirements to the university of chitral about Chinese language.I hope the university will take interest to get my cooperation regarding to Chinese language.Which has total 6 levels courses.Most inferior is level 3 and level 6is considered as high level.The Chinese language couse final test is called 汉语水平考(Chinese language competitive exam).It includes 三级,四级,无极,六级。It depends on students which level they desire to learn.