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Chitral Scouts stops Dawn Relief from rebuilding quake-damaged houses in Charun-Oveer — 2 Comments

  1. Its an irony that the Government is impotent and creating hinderence for those who are practically doing something for the affected communities up in the mountains. In fact Dawn is doing great job in Charun Oveer. On the other hand terrorists banned outfits are roaming around freey reaching in every part of the country and Government let them to create soft corner among the masses. Here, Dawn ‘project that is building houses in Charun Oveer is being halted from its work. What a shame.

  2. Dawn is doing great job in earth quack effected area of CHarun Oveer. Dawn relief Group must produce NOC,As it is required for security purpose as well as legal purpose.work should not be stop just for NOC.

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