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Chitral road as alternative to CPEC recommended — 9 Comments

  1. Indeed this is great news for the people of Chitral and C-PEC shall improve the socio-economic condition of the people of Pakistan particularly the people of Chitral if Chitral road will really be considered. It would be more productive if both Durah Pass and Broghul equally will be considered to connect the Central Asian countries. But now Chitrilans must have to prepare themselves to avail benefits from this opportunity rather than outsiders come and take control the business etc. in the area.

  2. This is Such a great news for all of us and once it is materialized those would be the greatest happiest days of our lives.May God help those who try to pave the way for such a gigantic project which would pass through Chitral to link Central Asian countries.

  3. It is really a very big news not only for the Chitral people but, for all the districts of the KPK Province through which the recommended alternate route of CPEC would pass.We have sworn not to sing praises of the government or MPA or MNA,until the projects are approved and materialized.The National Assembly Standing Committee on Communication has done its duty considering the proposal in the best interest of the whole Pakistani Nation.

  4. yes it is a good news for all chitrali segment, but it needs the representatives to stand to the point in concerened floors. the other side of the balance i.e Gilgit side is comparatively stronger then us , but lets hope for the best

  5. bo mufeed mashwara Dti Asus yaqeenan pm sahibo special tawajuh chitraro sori sher Wa Nawaz shareef mawjuda waqta wahid politician Ki hs pakistano taraqio walti aloy ispa d mashwara hya Ki iftikharuddin Sahb pmo himayato Ki no arer khamakha tanqeed d mo korar. ispa hmi party n sr sha hotm kya mosh Ki korum arer HSA ma party HSA ma dust.hya road kyawat Ki complete hoi taraqi tn boi.

  6. ma kheyala pm sabo chitraliyan som khas muhabat peda beti sher wa mna sab bo qabel xawo hes d halatu hus kore pml n suporto sora korm koyan pml n o join ki arer jam boe awa 2 sal proshte hote mashwara deti astm

  7. Great achievement of MNA Chitral congratulation to all Chitralis. Hope it ll get approved by the higher authorities too.