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Chinese province keen to work in Chitral’s tourism, agri sectors — 2 Comments

  1. To be kept in mind that the government of Pakistan has not made a reasonable deed in this sector. Deals with China are submissive. Eastern Turkistan, occupied by China that is called Sinkiang or Xinjiang is an area that has been closely related with Chitral in the past and Chitral has once remained as a province of Kashghar also. Almost 200 Chitrali families live there. Open the gates of Kashghar for the access of common people of Chitral and we shall recognize the friendship of China. Otherwise it is totally a submissive measure to let them roam here all around and keep their doors shut upon our people.

  2. It will be a good and big step towards the development of Chitral by utilizing its resources, creating job opportunities and raising the living standard of its inhabitants.For this purpose, District Government should chalk out plans for opening centers where basic Chinese language courses can be taught for the benefit of our young generation.