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Bhuttoism – the phoenix — 3 Comments

  1. Bhutto was indeed a good leader of his time but the matter of the fact is that he is dead for more than 39 years. Whereas in todays ppp the zardarism has taken over whatever ideology there was.

  2. Unfortunately the concept of Bhuttoism did not bid well for Pakistan. Before Bhutto during Ayub’s time Pakistan was a stable country. It’s industry was flourishing. PIA, Tarbela, Mangla, Warsak dams are examples. Four Pakistani rupees could buy a dollar then. Our passport was respected, our policies copied and transcribed.
    Then came Bhutto with a bang shouting ‘roti kapra aur makan’ but actually hacking at the roots of the society, promoting jialaism (aka the culture of loot and rampage). Institutions got the biggest blow in his time. He refused to accept the mandate of East Pakistanis due to his selfish ambition resulting in breakup of the country.
    After coming to power,he drove a wedge between different sections of the society. He incited the people and left them unguided about their responsibilities thus giving birth to mobocracy and loot-marocracy. He talked about the poor but embraced the biggest landlords and capitalists of Pakistan in his cabinet. He allowed students to be promoted without examinations and we are suffering the fruits of such ‘literate’ people.
    According to Sadruddin Hashwani in his book, when members of education reform committee brought their recommendations in front of him for approval, he asked them “are your children studying in government schools”. When the answer was “no”, Bhutto threw the file away and said “then why are you worried”. According to Asghar Khan in his book Bhutto offered him to join him instead of opposing him and rule the country for twenty years . When Asghar Khan asked “how?” Bhutto replied “by making a fool of the people”
    The legacy of Bhuttoism transformed into Benazir/Zardari rule and climaxed in its ideology when a PPP minister on TV exclaimed “When there is corruption everywhere, Do we also not have a right over corruption”.
    Today when many well meaning persons support Bhuttoism, they actually do not know what actually Bhuttoism did to Pakistan.

    • Well, Izharul Haq, brother, I respect your views, however, the theme of penning was not presenting Bhutoo as a secret cow. If we search for secret cows, then, believe me there are none in the history. I tended to present Bhutoism as a progressive philosophy as opposite to Ziaism. I needs be understood in the light of left and right wing politics.
      It is true that the left (PPP and ANP) have been corrupt, but, so is true about the right. The rightists have been right due to their might. The plight of left is corruption but this is a general problem not specific to them. On the other hand, the right is responsible for extremism in the country beside being equally corrupt.
      You highlighted some of the wrong deeds of Bhutoo. Of course, he has done and so has every other politician. To that cause, I would say just compare him with Zia and his legacies with that of Zia’s legacies (PMLN and now PTI). Moreover, for the separation of East Pakistn Bhutto can not be blamed as there were multiple factors. A holistic approach needs be taken to comprehend that tragedy fully.