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APML will clean sweep 2018 elections in Chitral: Sultan Wazir — 6 Comments

  1. APML will win the up coming election. Becouse Musharaf have did a lot for the peoples of Chitral

  2. we appreciate the decision of General Perwaiz Musharaf to appoint Sultan wazir as president of APML Chitral. Right decision at the right time.

  3. I am going to preserve in a safe place i mean (bank locker) of this statement of Mr Sultan Wazer and then Inshallah if I alive until the day of the election,we will show your statement. I want to say one thing for sure that we have respect a lot for Mr Wazar as an Government employee and retired in a a respected position But remember that Mr wazir is absolutely new in a vary farflong political field. Mr Wazir has no experience and public services in this field. We got many government service men talking like Mr Wazir in the past but when they jumped in this field they got Zero result. Vary vary respectful individuals(ex Govt. service men) from booni we saw in the politics they got zero results. so it’s not nesserry for Mr Wazar as he claiming that he will clean sweep.

    • Sir we will make sure that we come upto your expectation. Please keep us posted with your feedbacks in whatever shape it is. God bless you and all our lovely inhabitants of havenly chitral.