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Musharraf to contest from Chitral, Karachi and Kasur — 2 Comments

  1. The name KPK is wrong for entire NWFP. It is totally unfair. And we will not let it be that way. So KPK must include only the Pakhtoon people. Not: (1) Chitral (Qashqar) and (2) Hazara or Saraiki
    As I am a Qashqari I know that Chitral was an independent state in Qashqar ie Gilgit, Baltistan, Hunza and all other areas within. It is the first place which needs to be seperated as a single province. If this matter is solved, then the rests are easy because since 1947 there has no attention been given in Chitral but there has been given attentions in punjab, kpk, sindh.
    So If the root problem is solved then rests are easy to solve under the eye of the law.
    Everyone is talking about Hazara and Seraiki and Junubi Punjab that they want seperate provinces. It is Chitral which must be picked for seperate province. Chitral has no history with KPK. It must be a seperate province or attached to Gilgit. Then solve Hazara and other provinces.

  2. It seems Musharraf’s APML had no people to nominate for the provincial assembly seats of Chitral. I pity the former strongman of Pakistan when he comes to Chitral and seeks votes for Ghulam Mohammad. Poor pick.