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Another martyr’s body brought home — 2 Comments

  1. Shaheeds are destined to go to Jannah, that is God’s promise to them in Holy Qura’n. May his soul rest in eternal peace as life hereinafter is the permanent residence of all human beings.The question which needs deep digging is how can these terrorists be still existing on our soil? why can’t the common people change their way of thinking that brutality is not the answer they can get their objectives achieved with. If they are afghanis; why can’t our political and religious parties denounce such kinds of acts carried out from across the border. Being a patriot what I feel is if you are a Pakistani and you love your country; you should come out in Public and openly condemn such acts in the name of faith. This brother of ours wasn’t fighting any religious war; he was fighting to protect his country. Where is this patriotism among those who have soft heart for the terrorist anyway? We should be true to our country because if Pakistan exists, we exist; if it is weakened and damaged, we will all be gone.

  2. May Allah Pak shower His mercy upon the martyred and grateful patience to the family and friends to bear this deep shock.