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Aga Khan III: An icon of leadership in challenging times — 4 Comments

  1. I thank Mr. Guljee from Canada for correcting me. No doubt the author is Mr.Sher Rehmat. Not only me but all the readers of the article appreciated Mr. Rehmat. Rehmat Tate Bai.

  2. I got little bit confusion while reading Mr Liaquat’ comments on the above subjucect i belive so that the above article is written by Sher Rehmat Khan not by Mohtaram Fardad Ali. Shah (Wg cdr r)Fardad sahib is commentator not the author.We do appreciate the author’s fabulous article and Fardad’ facts as well.

  3. Excellent writing on His Highness Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan 111, the greatest benefactor of humanity in general and of Muslims in particular by Wg.Cdr.(r) Fardad Ali Shah on November 3, 2017. We all should accept Fardad’s remarks on what Sir Aga Khan said on August 9, 1950 “that Muslims unity all over the world is only possible when all the Muslim communities of their interpretations respect each other”. Muslims strength and acceptance world wide is possible only when we are united.

  4. Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan III, was a proponent of Arabic as the national language of Pakistan instead of Urdu. He also believed in Meritocracy over haphazard politics. If his vision had been implemented, Pakistan would not have split into two and Pakistanis would have been able to read and comprehend the Holy Quran on their own instead of depending on third party narratives. Also if Meritocracy had been adopted at the time of independence Pakistan would be standing in the front row in the lineup of developed countries.