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Aga Khan completes 13-day visit to Pakistan — 1 Comment

  1. It is a graet pleasure that Aga Khan visited Pakistan and Insallah if we work together no matter what you are as one and get Aga Khans advice and implement and work with AKDN in areas of health, poverty, education water,sanitation and main one is law and order and also our leaders follow the example our Prophet (PBH) i am not one 100% but 1000% sure that Pakistan will be a country of Honor and Peace where everyone live together also get rid of hoodlums have a special force they apprehend people creating disturbance and all the law agency should be honest and one major obstacle to progress is corruption. My advice is Leadership of Aga Khan is essential to unite and move in the right direction. His grandfather was born in Pakistan and he was the first President of Muslim League and the Aga Khan has so much love for Pakistan that he will do anything you ask him and his foundation has the means to help move Pakistan forward and he is well respected around the world. Look at what he has achieved and done for the image of Islam I dont think anyone even come close to his work. He is the true leader Of Islam and if we dont realize it will be great loss so please take all the help go and meet him in France or invite him to Pakistan. I promise new Sun will rise we work together and take help from his highness it is already too late.