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70th Independence Day celebrated across Chitral — 2 Comments

  1. This is one positive news coming out of Chitral after a long time because our systems are tuned to issues and hurdles since early childhood thus anything we speak of is issues and problems. Hoisting the national flag used to be a daily routine activity during school studies but we were unaware of the purpose behind it; let alone the meaning behind the colors and the crescent and star in it. We need to put some thought to the meanings it carries and should ask ourselves whether as individual citizens of Pakistan do we uphold those values which our national flag talks about? Are we standing at the edge where this very concept of tolerance and brotherhood between the whites and the greens has faded away.? or it is still there but we don’t want to either realise it or accept it.
    When the national flag is hoisted every morning it demands the citizens of Pakistan to uphold all those values and causes for which this beloved country of ours was created, it further demands that we should stand tall like itself against all odds. I am unable to understand why colleges and universities don’t do flag hoisting ceremonies why has it prevailed only in schools-same goes for the national anthem.

    Having said that, the combined message of the respected academics coming out from this event is a powerful one. Such messages are necessary for the youth of our region for motivation and hard work.

    I congratulate the university administration and the learned speakers to organise such a good show. Events such as this one are though symboli; but convey a positive message to the people of Pakistan. The message is of hope.

    A very happy belated 70th jashn e azadi mubarak.

  2. Are anybody sure we are free and we have freedom? But I would say we are still slaves, slaves of fuedals, slaves of establishment, slaves of religious parties, slaves of head of political parties.iam sorry to say we are still poor and slaves. Pakistan Zinda bad.