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Success story of a student — 7 Comments

  1. Congratulations bro much happy for you and best of luck and we are proud of you.God bless you with more success.

  2. Many many congratulations dear israr…
    We are realy realy proud of you.. and hope you uutilize your potential, experience, learning , and talent for growth of community…
    Wish best for your future endeavours..
    Infact you are the model for the youth.

  3. Great! Congratulations dear Israr Hakim! We are very happy and proud of you. Your success story would surely gear up motivation of youth in Chitral. You may agree with me that there are much talents in mountains of Chitral but unfortunately we are not aware of such opportunities available in this beautiful word and most of the talents are being wasted. I feel you should give some guidelines for youth so they can take advantage of such opportunities.
    Thanks for playing your role..