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گولین 106میگاواٹ سے چترال کو2020تک بجلی نہیں ملے گی، پیسکوذرائع — 3 Comments

  1. this is a decision made by wapda and pesco high ups but decision can be changed .. It is a prime time for the politicians to be unite and to fight for providing electricity to the whole chitral.. During last few months wrong decisions regarding power has béen taken like provision generators to booni and reshun and steps taken to give two magawats golan goal to pescoo for chitral but our political leaders reamind part the said decision instead to oppose them.Now golan goal 106 magawts ia ready and going to be inagurated with in a couple of months so MNA MPAS and DISTRICT NAZEEN have to be unit to get one unit 36 magawats electricity from the said power house and peydóo lines of koh uc and upper chitral may also be used for the said poewr house…..

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