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گولین گول کا میگا پروجیکٹ ناکامی سے دوچار — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Friends,
    The purpose of checking is to find the faults, and thats what was done by the Golen Staff, what is the big deal, I assure you that after the running of the units, there will be a bigger problem, that will be the chitrali politics and our god forsaken and corrupt and unmanagable and unrespected power distributor, PESCO. WAPDA has done excellent job no dout, but the PESCO gang will make sure we chitrali dont get 24hr electricity, we will still have loadshedding ( wrong word ) because of line losses and poor management of the Damn PESCO, they are further influenced by our politicians, who will dictate to them which areas to get electricity and which not, Mr. Magfirat Shah is a good example.

  2. Dear Friends,

    This is part and parcel of any mega project especially when it is launched in a hard area just like ours. Had that been better if it had started and then stopped instead of being cautious and checking it first? of course not. It is good that the new generator is arriving and in the meantime, the lines and tunnels will be repaired. We in the upper Chitral are living in the dark for the past two or more years let’s wait for a few more months so that the power station starts working without any fault.
    We should look at the positive side of it.


  3. A wise man once said,
    “Kya no biru zhaghaa kyakh no boi.”

    No further comments.

  4. Jahan jirmon key saza aor achayeon key siley Nahi dye jatey han wohan hamisha bey eman aor haram khore paida hotey han..