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    • شہ داغ پہلا ۔۔۔۔ گندور/ژوڑسپرو دوسرا۔۔۔ شیتو دریک/ بوئے تیسرا ۔۔۔ سیرلیتی/ یوغ چوتھا۔۔ یوروان/غارنِسِک پانجواں ۔۔۔گوم لیتی/ موژمس چھٹا کھولکریمی/خومپچ ساتواں ۔۔۔ کشمان آٹھواں ۔۔۔ چھانچھوری نواں ۔۔۔ ٹھونگشل دسواں ۔۔۔ پھتینگ ۔گیارھواں ۔۔ غورغور/ آڑیان بارھواں

  1. I really appreciate the efforts made by Ustad Muhtaram. Meanwhile I have some reservations on the overall understanding of Chitral history particularly some specific terms and interpretations. For instance I do not belive that there is a specific Race with Name of KHOW in Chitral rather the term KHOW it self needs reseaeches. For instance..It is Tori Kuh, Muri Kuh Lot Kuh Shishi Kuh….and Similarly Kuhistan etc. In Lower Chitral it is KUH and once it reaches at Upper Chitral it becomes KHOW….In Persian it means valleyes or Mountains and we try to link the names of these valleys with a particular Race….Beside that I also beleive that the Pathak which is being celebrated in Lotkuh, had been a common festivam for Chitral in the history as well and has nothing to do with the concept of New year…….. Although it is attributed to NASIR KHUSRAW as the first day of Islam in Chitral but some other also relate it to springs festivals which are being celeberates almost in all traditions….

  2. Dear sir, I would like to thanks for your comments and on a nice write up about Khowar calendar. MIER organization always welcome intellectual discussion, this is a way forward to promote Kho culture. We are sorry we did not get your Khowar article for Khowar Journal. It would be our pleasure to have such a nice article for Khowar Nama on any topic about Kho culture and language. Thanks again.

  3. Sir, your work for our culture will long be appreciated. Please continue writing and informing us.