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‘کوہ کو مستوج ضلع کےساتھ شامل کرنےکےسنگین نتائج نکلیں گے’ — 1 Comment

  1. As regards the limits of Sub-Divisional Chitral & Mastuj is concerned, which is clear and demarcated about in 1892. Reportedly, one thing is added here, when Saleem Khan MPA has moved a resolution in the Provincial Assembly in favour of Upper Chitral, only to curtail the influence of Mr.Abdul Wali Khan and Maulvi Abdur Rehman. Through this privilege, he was demanded to attach Koh UC (from Kari to Barenis) with Upper Chitral. Which was not passed by the KP Assembly.
    Secondly, quite often question arises here that the population of Upper Chitral is less, so to avoid this reason some wants to attach Koh UC with Upper Chitral. Since, the population is not a hurdle in the way for a new district, because of we the precedent of District Torghar (her population is less than 20 thousand), and Districts: Lower & Upper Kohistan population are too less from the expected new district of Upper Chitral.
    Based on these, Koh UC could not attach with Upper Chitral limits.