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ڈاکٹرعنایت اللہ فیضیؔ کےنام — 6 Comments

  1. we are all very grateful to Irshadullah Irshad sahib for expressing the sentiments, love and respect that we keep in our hearts for the outstanding icon and huge asset of Chitral. Chitral is known and respected across the globe because of these precious people like Dr. Faizi sahib.By acknowledging and appreciating their tireless endeavors and sincere services rendered I would like to request Dr. Faizi sahib and his team to build more RCC bridges of love and peace and keep showcasing Chitral land of peace, respect, caring and hospitality.

  2. Thanks to Mr Irshad for his nice article, indeed Dr Faize Sb has allot of contributions for Chitral in particular. We must request him, in addition to writing columns, he may focus on lectures in public gathering using different forums. He is requested to suggest his friend Dr Mir Baiz Khan, after retirement to stay in Chitral and join him so that both intellectuals can play positive role in the development of civil society in Chitral.

  3. Thank you all for your kind words.I wish I deserved I this love and respect.

  4. بہت دلکش کردار نگاری ہے اور حق موصوف کی کماحقہ ادائیگی ہے۔ صاحب مضمون نے درست کہا ہے کہ فیضیؔ پر قلم اٹھانا سورچ کو چراغ دکھانے کے مترادف ہے ۔واقع ٖفضیؔ پر لکھنے کی جرات کرنا ہمت والوں کا کام ہے۔مگر صاحب مضمون نے ہشت پہلو فیضی کی مختصر مضمون میں بہترین تصویر کشی کرکے اس محاورے کو غلط ثابت کردیا ہے، بہت خوب

  5. Dear Editor! Very Well deserved tributes paid to Dr Faizi sahib by the writer. It is not out of place to recognise and admire role of the elders in our society. I also join Irshad Ullah Sahad sahib to pay my deep regards and sincere tributes to Dr Faizi sahib for all his outstanding educational, social and literary services. I look towards all the capable people like Dr Faizi sahib to use their knowledge, experience, courage and wisdom for strengthening the social fabric of the society and bridge the unwanted gaps, if any, thus enabling all segments of Chitrali society,more particularly the youth, to mitigate the negative impacts of geo-strategic challenges in the region and reap the abundant opportunities soon becoming available to Chitral. Only a peaceful, respectful, just and enabling society can give the desired strength to the people to think and work for advancement. Chitral has yet to go a long way in the path of progress in all respects, be it education, health, economy, infrastructure, institution building, etc. etc. May Allah Almighty grant enough strength to Dr Faizi and all others who think and work relentlessly for a better Chitral. God bless.