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نئی چترال یو نیورسٹی کا قیام — 2 Comments

  1. of course this is a burning issue. We all must appreciate the good steps taken by the Provincial Government. At the same time the support of federal Government at this stage is also laudable. We must be positive in our approach towards the university of Chitral because it is a life time achievement. Dragging the matter to the courts and negative thinking on the basis of personal grudges will harm our common cause. We should come forward with one vice “Qadam Bharhaw Badsha Munir Hum Tumhary Sath Han”.

  2. Chitral university kay qiyam kay liya Faizi sahab aap na apna pura haq ada kar diya. Bhut he khoob Tahrir. Rahi baat Dr. Badshah Munir Buhkahri ki tu He is the right Choice For a project Director and this selection represent the great vision of PTI And CM of KPK.