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ممتاز ریسرچرشیر نوروز خان چترالی کا اعزاز — 12 Comments

  1. Congratulation Sher brar,proud of you!!!!indeed its a great contribution and achievement!!

  2. As a classmate of mine and a great trustworthy family friend ,of course Mr SN Khan is deserve a lot of congratulations.i believe that this achievement is not for individuals but for the whole Chitrali nation is happy and proud of SN Khan.On this occasion I also offere my deepest thanks to Prof. FATIMI to write and bringing up about Mr SN Khan in a vary beautiful deep way through media. Thank you Pro.Fatimi.

  3. People like Sher Nowrooz Khan are our strength. Entire Chitral feels proud of him.Congratulations!

  4. Wonderful work done, Mr. Navroz, you added to the strength of IIU and more to Chitral. You brought good name to Chitral. We congratulate you and your family. We are proud of you.

  5. Excellent contribution and a matter of pleasure and pride for all. The culture of research needs to be cultivated more in this age of rush, uneasiness and short cut oriented achievements. this essay no doubt an excellent attempt to expose the untiring effort of nowrooz khan but still I think to celebrate it through articales and functions…

  6. Great work and remarkable contribution by a great scholar,followed by unprecedented recognition by the Govt and well written review by another scholar.Chitral is really proud of the good services of Sher Nowroz khan.Dear sir ! we are proud of you.