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مقامی چھٹی سے بلّی تک — 5 Comments

  1. No doubt the article is a beautiful amalgamation of humor,irony and sarcasm.I have always found Dr. Faizi’s columns informative,realistic ,contemporary and interesting.They focus the contemporary issues with huge concerns.Sometime, they become
    a little bit pessimistic when honorable Sir,becomes more realistic.
    Some days back, I passed through one of his columns titled: “Asal Masla” I couldn’t even believe that our honorable scholar could be writing such an article. I hope that Dr.sab would focus on more positive aspects of the society. Thanks

  2. Thank you Tanveer Sb ! Asal Mrasala per per aap ki farah bohot saare readers naaraaoz hoe the.Taa ham mere oaas is ke jawaz me dalail hen.Rasheed malghoon ko bachane eale agar kamyab hogye to Chitral me bari tabahi aigi.

  3. Inayatullah Faizi (Ph.D) Sahib ! Faraz karain agar medical board ye report daydain k Malghoon Rashid Kazaab ka dimagha tawazun thek nehein hai to phir kia hoga? pagal ki koi saza hai ya nehein yeto judge sahiban aur ulma e karam he bata saktay hain. aik baat ki hamain samjh nehein arahe k ap bar bar tabahi ajayege halaat kharab hojayengay is tarah ki batain kiu kar rahain hain Malghoon Rasheed Kazaaz qanon k hathon mein hai ap qazi or ulma e karam ko faisla karnay dain. ap khud say qazi na banain or apko kasay pata hai k chitral mein tabahi ayege? ya apko kisi nay information di hue hai? agar asa kuch hai to ap mutaliqa idaron ko is say agah karain.apnay qalam ko sahe istimaal karain falah k liye istimaal karain or agar qalam kaam thek nehein hai to logo ki dawaat bhi kisi ko lanay na dain. shukria. or ye tabahi us waqt kiu nehein aye jb Barenis walay banday ko saza nehein hue the? ye tabahi us waqt kiu nehein aye jb chumarkhoon bakrabad mein malghoon ko saza nehein hue?

  4. Wo Ye waaqiyat kis masjid me kitney hazar namazion ke samney hoy the ? Me ne Concerned authorities ko tafseelat se agah kardiya hy.

  5. It looks like some people including so-called scholars have some personal interests in this case and therefore trying to influence the law, as if the police, medical doctors and judges are incapable or untrustworthy of handling the case. The Intelligence agencies must investigate the hidden motives of these people who are trying to put ‘oil’ instead of ‘water’ on the fire.

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