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  1. Kulsoom Nawaz will not be able to take oath if she had a cancer. I still doubt that she had cancer. Under the constitution, a member is bound to take oath within 22 days, or the elections of the said constituency will automatically be declared null and void. We are optimistic and hopeful that the MNA-elect from NA-120 (Lahore) will not be able to make it to the parliament for taking oath. God forbid, if she takes oath, he hubby and daughter Princess Maryam Safdar will reenter the PM house and then we all know Kulsoom will not be decision maker. All the decisions will be taken by elder Sharif in consultation with her daughter who knows nothing about politics. I would also like to inform Dr Faizi not to mislead people about $60 billion CPEC project as this is becasue Nawaz Sharif. You must be aware as you are well informed journalist that the work on the project was started during Gen Musharraf regime, so linking it with the Sharifs is not justified in any way, Mr Faizi. The people of the country especially Chitral must be sure that CPEC has nothing to do with PML-N. It is the project for the people of Pakistan and one must not link it with Sharifs for political gains.
    Dr Faizi must be excited about the Elections Bill, 2017 which has just been passed by the Senate, paving the way for Nawaz Sharif to regain the control of the PMl-N bu electing himself as party president. This is again will be a wishful thinking of PML-N walas especially the author of the artcile and the MNA from Chitral as people like Sheikh rasheed and PTI legal team have already drafted the petition, which will be filed in the very apex court that sent packing Nawaz Sharif home in Panama leaks case. And Insha-Allah, the same falwed bill aimed to save the skin of Nawaz Sharif, will be struck down, leaving all his supporters and lover heartbroken again. But this time heartbroken forever. Good luck!