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  1. In fact the term for a senator is six years and not five. If PMLN manages to get majority in Senate in March ’18 election, it will dominate the upper house of parliament for well about ten years like PPP has been doing. As far poll prep, PTI is well prepared than all other political parties. Any advise to the party to wait for mere eight months just to finish some unfinished projects is quite foolish. If the party had nothing in its credit despite being in power for the last four and half years what else it will achieve in the remaining few months.I would rather suggest The great Imran Khan to send Khursheed Shah alias meter Shah packing as opposition leader National Assembly. Then dissolve KP assembly and then en block resignation along with his new found ally MQM from National Assembly, Punjab and Sindh assemblies which will leave the goverment with no option but to call early elections. This will not only help Khan in sabotaging Senate elections but will also pave the way to dominate the Aiwan e Bala as it is a writing on the wall that PTI is govt in eaiting and Imran Khan is going to be the prime minister no matter what (I am sure he won’t face disqualification either). If anyone including Dr Faizi are still skeptical about PTI’s future, I can only urge them to wait and see. Let me also add sth about Chitral. In Chitral, with the entry of GM into PPP, his political career is OVER FOREVER. And now even an ordibary candidate who will most probably be Shazda Sikander is gonna clean sweep. The PPP failed to do anything for Chitral despite being in power from 2008-13 and then the two PPP MPAs have DISAPPOINTED the people. The damage done to PPP by its MPA duo is beyond repair. Leave alone a wealthy contractor, even angels can not undo the damage. The days are gone when people used to claim that it had a vote bank in the district. There is no vote bank now. You will have a vote bank when you will deliver which evident from votes cast for Gen Musharraf. At the same time people change which was witnessed when an unknown PTI candidate remained runner up in 2013 elections. The political career of Haji Ghulam Muhammad has come an unfortunate end with his joining of PPP. He has been badly trapped by Sardar Hussain as he knew this was the only way out to put a full stop to the political career of his arch rival as GM had emerged as a very strong candidate. Now GM lost both credibility and integrity in eyes of people and the next election will be fought between PTI and religious parties. And Iftikhar may give tough time to his opponents as he has done considerably well than all his conterparts but the only problem with him is that he is gonna choose a wrong party (PMLN) for which people may not opt. I would suggest Iftikhar to re onsider his decision and try to contest as an independent candidate which will pay off at the end of the day. If you win as an independent you will not be called a turncoat like GM and it will be easy for you to join the majority seat winning party that will ultimately form government in the centre.